Roi Flute Pouch

Roi Flute Pouch

Made with the highest quality, this pouch is designed to prevent the hard case from rubbing inside gig bags and cases.  The ROI flute pouch comes in 5 different colors. 

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3M Anti-Tarnish Strips can be placed in your case to inhibit tarnish build up on silver and silver-plated instruments. Can also be used to protect household items. Contains 8 strips. Free shipping to the United States only via first class USPS.

Flute Gels

Make your flute easier to hold and, simply, more comfortable. Instead of hard plastic, FluteGels are made of soft, ultra comfortable gel. The unique no-slip surface helps keep hands in the correct position. Installs in seconds to any flute. Each pack contains 2 FluteGels: one for the left index finger, and one for the right thumb. Long-lasting and easy to keep clean.

ROI Backpack

-100% waterproof -Interior and exterior name tag -Made of a special insulated material -Contains a pocket for your cell phone and wallet -Room inside for a piccolo, flute, and orchestral scores
$235.00 $175.00